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The end of August is rolling around fairly quickly, and as September arrives, I’ll be celebrating Labor Day, then transforming my labor status from Corporate to Startup.  After 6 short years at The Hartford, I’ll be diving full-time into a couple of my favorite ideas.  If you’ve read any pasts (past posts), you know my infatuation with portmanteau (word combinations), and that I’ve launched a word combination community site at WockyWords.com.  So what’s next?  In a nutshell: putting Wocky on auto-pilot, and focusing on starting two businesses – a car repair consulting service, and the second is a more traditional technology startup.

Mechanic On Your Side will give customers peace of mind for car repair purchases, a situation where a lot of us, especially people like me – phenomenally cargnorant (car & ignorant), are particularly vulnerable consumers.  The tech startup is not quite ready for public sharing, but if you’re interested (and I hope you are!!) consider subscribing to this blog, where I’ll be posting some periodic updates on my adventure into the startup world.


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I’m a word nerd, a phonerd (phone nerd), an IT nerd (by trade), and a hungry entrepreneur. I’ve been living near and working in Hartford, CT for the past 6 years after graduating from RPI, now with my awesome fiance Danielle, and I still consider New Jersey home sweet home.

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