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Three months in, and significantly more focused than in my previous post.  Instead of attacking 2 businesses and a third sidea (side idea), I am fully focused on building HoursOf.com, an application to find open places at any time.  I’ve researched the competitors (big & small), and I think I can put together a better experience and better content.  I’m looking to launch in a small geography (Hartford & West Hartford, CT) in early 2013, and iterate quickly in search of Customer Validation.  Beyond the product itself, some basic questions are:

  • Are we acquiring customers? (and how many)
  • How much does it cost to acquire them?
  • Is it scalable?
  • When will it profitable?
  • What, if any, investment will be needed to get there?
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About Larry

I’m a word nerd, a phonerd (phone nerd), an IT nerd (by trade), and a hungry entrepreneur. I’ve been living near and working in Hartford, CT for the past 6 years after graduating from RPI, now with my awesome fiance Danielle, and I still consider New Jersey home sweet home.

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