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Sometimes your favorite new tools (ahem, for finding Open businesses) are available on mobile websites before coming out as native apps.  It’s annoying to re-type the full website name every time you want to go there, so why not take advantage of the features in both iOS and Android for adding a shortcut to a website to your home screen.  If the web developer includes an icon, you can even get a good-looking shortcut that looks just like an App.  Since I built as a website (before a native app is available), I am trying to convince people to “add me” to their home screens, so I made a couple of “How To” videos below.  Definitely check out the iPhone/iPad or the Android one and let me know what you think, or even if you’ve added to your home screen!

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear me say cheesy quotes like “depending on how fast you type, this could save you up to TEN SECONDS per visit!” :)

iPhone and iPad:


Thanks to John Montgomery for the iDevices & help filming!

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