St. Patty’s Day Parade in Hartford – What’s Open

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If you’ve been paying attention, you know where everyone in the Hartford area will be this Saturday – painting Hartford green & celebrating St. Patrick’s day in style at the 42nd Annual Greater Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The parade kicks off on Capitol Ave near the Capitol Building (capitol vs. capital), and follows the parade route onto Main Street, Asylum, Ford Street, ending at the Memorial Arch.  The parade website has all of the TV details (Fox CT at 11:30am) and information about the towns that will be represented.

Aside from the marching, parade day in Hartford also marks an annual tradition of breakfast-time pregaming and ignoring the cold to get into the city bright and early to find your spot and kick off the party.  Our local businesses know this too, so many of them open early to accommodate the crowds.  If only there was somewhere that told you where was open, and even their St. Patty’s day specials.  Since I launched last month in Hartford and West Hartford (plug: it’s a simple tool for finding Open businesses, great for late nights and Sundays in Hartford), I figured I was the right person to summarize the businesses with Extended Hours and their parade day specials.  Let me know what you think, feel free to add or correct any I’ve missed, and please have a great time at the parade!

Barstaurant Opens At Parade Specials
Black Bear Saloon 8:00am $20 VIP Pass including:
Unlimited Breakfast 8am-noon
4 Guinness (or Coors Light or Miller Lite)
Prizes & Giveaways
Dish Bar and Grill 11:00am Serving Lunch 11-3, Dinner starting at 5
Arch Street Tavern 10:00am (bar)
11:30am (food)
Corned beef, cabbage, & potatoes – $12.95
Vaughan’s Public House 8:00am Bands all day
Kegs & Eggs Special Menu
Wood N Tap 11:30am (normal) Parade Day Party
$7 Car Bomb Special – Housemade Irish Cream w/Guinness
Special Irish Menu (continues through St. Patty’s Day)
The Tavern Downtown 7:00am $5 Cup & $5 Guinness or Coors Light w/Cup
Can be used at their partner bars and at the New Haven partner bars on March 10th
Russian Lady 8:30am $5 Cup & $5 Guinness or Coors Light w/Cup
Can be used at their partner bars and at the New Haven partner bars on March 10th
Rocking Horse 8:00am $5 Cup & $5 Guinness or Coors Light w/Cup
Can be used at their partner bars and at the New Haven partner bars on March 10th
Up or On the Rocks Sometime early $5 Cup & $5 Guinness or Coors Light w/Cup
Can be used at their partner bars and at the New Haven partner bars on March 10th
Bocca Rosa Wine Bar 9:00am Grilling Outside – $6 Sausage & Peppers or Meatballs
Federal Café 8:00am $2 Jello Shots
The Russell Restaurant 10:00am $5 drink & shot specials
St. Patty’s Day Costume Content
Patron Girls w/Shots 10am-2pm
Live DJ all day
The Hartford Room & East Coast Dog 8:00am Holiday Specials, Hats & T’s Giveaways;
St Patty’s Day Buds
The Auburn Mode @ Noon
Hot Tomato’s 8:30am 8:30 AM-1 PM
Kegs and Eggs
$5 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich
$4 Egg and Cheese Sandwich1 PM-Close
$10 Corned Beef Sandwich with Swiss Cheese on Rye Bread
$12 Corned Beef with Cabbage and Potato
$8 Corned Beef and Garlic Bread
Irish Stew
Koji 9:00am $15 Scorpion Bowls; $5 Koji Shots
$5 Food Options – Koji Fried Chicken; Sweet & Spicy Meatball Slider w/Fries; California Roll
Burger Baby 9:00am $4 Green Coors light Drafts
Corned Beef & Cabbage on the Menu
7 Sins – Advanced Opening
(formerly Mad Dawg’s)
8:00am $5 16oz Rolling Rock Can & Shot of Whiskey
$2 Jello Shots
$4 iHartford Card
Grand Opening Saturday March 16th
New York Deli & More 7:00am $4.95 Corned Beef Sandwich & Can of Soda
Tamarind Bar & Grill 10:00am Jaeger Bombs $7 & Irish Car Bombs – $8
Will have a DJ but no food
Vito’s By the Park 10:00am 2 Select Draft Beers for $3/Pint
$5 St. Patty’s Martini
Half Price Small Specialty Pizzas (excl. Deep Dish)
All Specials in Lounge & Bar until 2:30pm
City Steam Brewery Café 11:30am (normal) Irish Steamed Food & Irish Cocktails
Half Door 10:00am (normal) Normal Kegs & Eggs brunch plus
Traditional Irish Breakfast w/some drink special
Pig’s Eye Pub 8:00am
Pourhouse 8:00am
McKinnons Irish Pub 9:00am
Black-eyed Sally’s 9:00am
The Electric Company 9:00am
Salute 10:00am
Paul’s Wing It 10:00am
Morton’s the Steakhouse 4:00pm Signature Steak & Seafood Menu ($59.99/pp)

And a couple of Convenience Stores & Coffee Shops -

Coffenience Store Opens At
Jojo’s Coffee Roasting Co 9:00am (normal)
Smoker’s Depot 8:00am (vs. 9am)
Hartford Food Mart 8:00am (vs. 10am)

*Note: Fast Food & Chain Coffee places seemed to be keeping their normal (fairly early) hours. I wasn’t able to get to every place downtown, so I apologize if I missed your favorite spot!

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