Random Ranting and Wordiculousness

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As I sat here pondering the great question of my new blobby (blog hobby) – “to blog or not to blog” – my old friend Taco Bell came through with some coconut-flavored inspiration. Their most recent commercial, blaring the piña colada song in the background, instructed me to “take a breakation” (break + vacation) with their new piña colada Fruitista Freeze. While I’m not rushing out to try one of those (actually it sounded fairly gross), I have to appreciate the portmanteau factor. If you remember, a few years back T-Bell also had a commercial where they were debating if one of their latest creations was chewy, cheesy, or crunchy, and they decided on “Cruncheweesy.”  Upon further inspection of breakation, it’s sort of a portmanteau version of a double negative…like taking a break from a vacation, better known as working.

I’ll get off my portmanteau ranting for a just a minute. If you know me, you know I’ll be immediately back on topic, since I can only go like 14.27 seconds without word combining. On the blog front, I’m happy to say I’ve got a few comments, and I just added this Share/Save button thing that appears at the bottom of every post. It basically is just an easy way for people to link to my posts on lots of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) – not too shabby. Now all I have to do is write something interesting enough that people will want to link to it. (hint hint)

As mentioned in my first post, I’m starting a website dedicated to the creation of word combinations. Even though the site is still in development.  I’ve started getting into the marketing/advertising stuff, both putting ads on my site, as well as marketing the site. I’ve got some decent ideas around marketing the site which I’ll ramble about at a later date, but I want to quickly rant on the idea of having advertising on the site. When designing the site, we totally ignored where advertising would fit – the classic “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” approach to planning. It really comes down to that I don’t care very much about making money on the site, since I’m way more interested in simply creating a means to spread this particular brand of word nerdiness. But at the same time, making a few bucks off the site, and the site funding its own development, certainly wouldn’t hurt. So the big question becomes – how do you put advertising on the site without it being obtrusive and annoying? I’ll leave that to others to answer…there’s probably a million answers floating around the blogosphere (blog + atmosphere). Technically blogosphere could be considered a tiered portmanteau: blogosphere = [(web + log) + atmosphere].

The portmanteaux theory section o f my brain has taken over – is blogosphere technically a portmanteau? It brings up an interesting point, which I’ll save for another post, but if blogosphere counts, there are lots of suffixes that create portmanteaux, such as –athon (telethon – telephone marathon, Toyotathon – Toyota marathon). The reality is I may just be associating marathon (and atmosphere) with the suffixes, completely invalidating these as portmanteaux. On the bright side, this is the blog for debating this type of insanity.

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I’m a word nerd, a phonerd (phone nerd), an IT nerd (by trade), and a hungry entrepreneur. I’ve been living near and working in Hartford, CT for the past 6 years after graduating from RPI, now with my awesome fiance Danielle, and I still consider New Jersey home sweet home.

3 Responses to Random Ranting and Wordiculousness

  1. H Bomb says:

    I like your introduction of portmanteaux syntax. Surely that would qualify as scienticulous (scientific + ridiculous).

  2. Shell says:

    sometimes i need a day to recover from vacation, a break if you will – breakation?

  3. Derek says:

    What’s up buddy, just checked out your blog….good stuff.
    However I think quite possibly for the first time ever you went 14.27 seconds without portmanteau-ing.
    “creating a means to spread this particular brand of word nerdiness” – how about “werdiness”? Unsure if the “o” or the “e” should be the shared vowel?

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