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Time to dust off the blogwebs (blog + cobwebs).  Before I get going, I need to call out the latest Bud Light commercials for their impressive portmanteaux usage.  Their “Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved” commercials have a Billy Mays-esque fake infomercial star peddling items such as the Grooler, a combination Grill and Cooler; and the Foozie, a Foam #1 Finger crossed with a Koozie beer holder/insulator.  Is it Koozie or Coozie?  After googling that questions, I’ve decided the internet is divided.  A friend of mine recently posted on the Facebook group asking if I was upset at Allstate insurance for using “Homauto” in a commercial, a combination of Home & Auto insurance.  I feel the opposite – similar to the Grooler and Foozie, I love when any portmanteaux are used in marketing.

As you may have noticed in some previous posts, some of my favorite situations are when people are trying to find the best possible combination of two words.  Sometime last week, someone wrote a “request” on my whiteboard at work asking for a portmanteau that meant a “male turkey.”  I came up with Turkhe (pronounced Turk-He), and someone else had Malurkey, which sounds undisturbingly close to malarkey, which is an all-around fun word.  In fact, I challenge you to use the word “malarkey” casually in conversation – if you can get away with it without anyone commenting…you’re good.  I don’t think either are fantastic new words, but they’ll do the trick.  Your ideas for a better combo are welcome, but then again, any portmanteau people want to share is pretty ridiculously welcome in my book.  You might say, my book of portmanteau is always in need of some new content and some new authors.

In addition to the occasional word combo challenge, I also like debating the best combination of polycombinable (okay, I made that word up, and am attempting to sell it as meaning “multiple ways of combining”) words.  One of my pasts (past + posts), Combeernation, told a word debate story around Sam Adams Summer Ale – was it Sameasonal?  Samsonal?  Smeasonal?  Sammer Ale?  I think healthy debate creates the best words, and here’s why:  My method of word combining is frequently a display of verbal or mental diarrhea.  Basically, I always run a bunch of possible combinoptions (combination + options) through my head, occasionally verbalizing them as I go.  As part of this insanity, if I don’t think of a comfortable combination (meaning, the words flow into each other), I’ll start to incorporate synonyms of the wordponents into the process.  For example, if I’m trying to combine “horse” and “rider” – after deciding horsider and ridorse are awful, I’d try using “equine” as a replacement for “horse.”  I’d land on equider as the perfect combination.  But there is no perfect combination, even if the words fit together perfectly – word combining and word preferences are subjective, and that’s what keeps them fun.

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