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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post – mainly because I just got back from Aruba…freakin awesome vacation.  While down there, I saw they offered an activity called Snuba – a cross between Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.  Yup, international portmanteau.  Anyway, I also forgot my password, so I recreated the whole thing and re-posted my first post – meaning to the naked eye, I’m a very frequent poster.

Okay – the title of this post.  A week ago I was out at the bar and wanted to order a Samuel Adams Summer Ale.  My friend and I were trying to come up with some combinoptions (combination options) for ordering Sam Seasonal – that way the order can work for any season.  He tried to order a “Smeasonal” and the waitress didn’t understand, so he corrected himself and ordered the “Sam Seasonal.”  When it was my turn, I ordered a “Sameasonal” and the waitress understood.  While I do prefer the “Sameasonal” term, our trial was unfair, because the waitress had just heard “Smeasonal” and knew to expect something funky.  More trials to come, but today I very successfully ordered a “Sammer Ale” (Sam + Summer), so that made me pretty happy.  I also remembered that Magic Hat, the Vermont brewery that makes #9, produces several seasonal brews that are all labeled as “Seasonale” (Seasonal + Ale).  My favorite Seasonale is Hocus Pocus, the perfect Spring beer.

I didn’t think I could get to a second paragraph talking about Beermanteau (Beer + Portmanteau) either, but alas, here we are.  I think word combinations could be useful in describing/ordering Black & Tans, which are half and half combinations of a dark beer and a pale ale (or lager).  Some of the common Black & Tans, at least according to Wikipedia, are Guiness & Bass (Guinass), Guiness & Harp (Guinarp), and Guiness & Newcastle (Guicastle, pronounced Goocastle, or Guinewcastle – depends on how quickly you need to order).  Now that I think about it, many alcoholic beverages are already portmanteaux, such as some types of martinis – Appletini (Apple + Martini) and Jalepini (Jalepeno + Martini).  I’m sure there’s a million more, but I think my Boozemanteau rant has gone on long enough.

Moridiculousness (More + Ridiculousness) to come soon!

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  1. Tim Banker says:

    Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

    Amstella (Amstel Light and Stella Artois)

    Hefeweizling (Hefeweizen and Yuengling)

    Blue Poon (Blue Moon and Harpoon)

    Heinecoors (Heineken and Coors)

    Redhooker (Red Hook and Hooker)

    Stellians (Stella Artois and Killian’s Irish Red)

    These are fun…..

  2. [...] it as meaning “multiple ways of combining”) words.

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