LarrySavage.com is my blog – an online place to rant and ramble about my nerdy passions.  A few of my passions are: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Mobile Phones, and, as you’ll notice if you browse some posts, Portmanteau (word combinations).  Previously, this blog was dedicated to my rants of word nerdiness, but as I venture out into the “start-up world” I’ve decided re-purpose the site to post thoughts and updates for my businesses.  I launched my hobby-project WockyWords.com in 2012, a site devoted specifically to developing a community of word combiners, so that should free up LarrySavage.com for general blogging.  HoursOf.com, my tech start-up search engine for currently open places, is now in Beta as of February 2013…check out my Businesses page & posts for more information!

Please feel very free to comment on any posts, or reach out to me directly – I’d love to hear your feedback on my posts and businesses.


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